NPORS Telescopic Handler- Suspended Loads (N138)  Course Duration

Novice Operator: 5 days training, maximum 3 candidates.

Experienced Worker Test: 1 day test only, maximum 6 candidates.

NPORS Telescopic Handler- Suspended Loads (Bolt on category to Telescopic Handler (N010)  Course Duration


Novice Operator: 2 days training, maximum 4 candidates.

Experienced Worker Test: 1 day test only, maximum 6 candidates.


Location: Our Instructors can deliver training across London and the South-East.


NPORS Traditional card – valid for 5 years.



NPORS card with CSCS logo – accepted by all major building contractor’s. The initial card is the RED trained operator card which lasts for 2 years and can be upgraded to BLUE competent operator card further to completion of relevant NVQ.

CSCS Health & Safety Test

If you require the NPORS Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads operator card with the CSCS logo on then you must have completed the operatives health and safety test within the last two years.

In house certificates: suitable as proof of operator competence accepted for insurance and HSE compliance.

This course may be eligible for CITB grant funding. Click the logo to find out more.


NPORS Telescopic Handler - Suspended Loads Course

This course is aimed at candidates who already hold certification for NPORS Telescopic Handler (N010) and require training/assessment for suspending loads.

NPORS is an approved CSCS Partner Card Scheme, providing evidence that individuals working on construction sites have the appropriate training and qualifications for safe movement of construction machinery. Furthermore, training criteria is based on the approved standards of the Construction Leadership Council.

Entry Requirements

We offer Novice or Experienced Worker training and assessment. EWT Test are for operators who have received some form of training in the past or alternatively have been operating a Telescopic Handler for several years. If you are unsure if you qualify to go down the test route please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Candidates that require the 'HS&E TESTED Logo' displayed on their card they must have passed the CITB Operatives Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years.

There are two parts to the Telescopic Handler test, a theory section comprised of 25 questions and a practical session, therefore a good understanding of spoken and written English is required.

NPORS Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads Course Content

To provide knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and their responsibilities as an operator

  • Be able to conform to manufacturers requirements as per technical data, conform to relevant regulations and legislation

  • Be able to locate, identify and explain safe working loads, lifting capacity chart and explain how the manufacturer may reduce the lifting capacity when moving a suspended load, different lifting configurations and working ranges

  • Identify and explain different lifting procedures, explain what task could fall into each category

  • Identify and explain centres of gravity and calculate estimated weights of loads

  • Identify any overhead / proximity hazards

  • Be able to agree the signal codes / hand signals, direction of movement, safe working and safe landing placement zone with the slinger / signaller

  • Ensure telescopic handler is in a safe condition and attachments fitted correctly

  • Checked load integrity and security

  • Be able to lift and move a load to a designated position in a safe and controlled manner, ensuring minimum uncontrolled movement

  • Environmental considerations

  • Carry out all out of service and securing procedures

We also offer Telescopic Handler Suspended Loads as a bolt on category for Telescopic Handler (N010), call us for more details.

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